Club de Motoneige Lac Mégantic (514-10)

Safety Tips

What you should know

The FCMQ has chosen to make trail safety a priority. The FCMQ’s actions are as follows:

  • The signage activities and special services: Priority is given to the updating and implementation of efficient signage;
  • The provision of publications allowing to better plan excursions in all safety;
  • The transmission of information on acts and regulations;
  • The organization of the Open House Event;

  • The presence of provincial trail wardens: Volunteers reporting directly to the FCMQ work closely with police forces and local trail wardens to visit local clubs and patrol trails. These individuals are provided with snowmobiles clearly identified with the project and equipped with flashing lights;
  • The development, together with government authorities, of the Règlement de sécurité pour courses de motoneiges supervisées (Safety regulations for clubs organizing amateur races) in 1997. These regulations provide the race supervisor with the necessary authority to conduct races safely;
  • Recommendations regarding the minimum ice thicknesses required